A strange days baking….

I have today discovered that my Kenwood Chef does not like being on the floor with the dough hook. It also does not like the dough hook period. It kept unlocking itself and flying up. It defeats the object of having a stand mixer if I can’t have a pee whilst it’s working for fear of flinging the dough at the ceiling. So instead I had to keep pushing it down.

Let me take you back. Back to this morning. Tea, bed, Raymond Blanc…… Had cereal then headed to Waitrose. £80 robbed off me, but have stuff for Beouf Bourguignon, some lamb, a basil plant, all sorts. But have also stocked up on flour for today’s baking. Sourdough being started. Have two balls of dough that I’m working. River Cottage must have Sour Dough Guardians, this recipe is epic, starter goes into production a week before you even get going. I made a mix last night, got up this morning and started kneading the dough, now on the hour every hour I have to flatten and ball this bad boy. Then in an hour I can leave it for 3 hours to prove.

Pete is fixing the radiator in the kitchen, so I’m demoted to the dining room table. Which is nigh on impossible. All my boards were impounded by the oven, which was in the middle of the kitchen floor. I will come back to you on how this goes. I will be gutted if it doesn’t, there is nearly a bag on flour in this bloody experiment!

Raymond’s lemon cake looked good this morning. Loved the glaze. I love Raymond. His mildly demanding nature is so appealing to me. Especially his little banter with the chef, Adam. When he was demanding he smile, I just loved it. Very cute. Although “kitchen secrets” did not make me think I was going to get the recipe for making a 4 foot tall choux pastry tower with choux s shapes and almond, fondants and liquid glucose crisp thing. It’s hardly a practical recipe to follow. But it was like watching a different class of cook. Awesome.

And anyone who can make a macaroon like that deserves my praise. Love you Raymond. If you want to get married a third time, just call me. I do.

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