The fruits of my labour

Two loaves!

1 baked and sampled, one cooling ready for our freezer!

To say I have almost jumped to the more technical end of baking, a yeastless loaf, is an understatement. But it does make me proud to know some idiot from Dudley can use a couple of books and actually figure out how to handle a very damp dough and make something resembling a loaf. It truly is inspiring to see it double in size. And it happens slowly in spite of the fact I was watching the dough more closely than I did the episodes of Barefoot Contessa that were back to back today.

I enjoyed the episode about pasta. It’s amazing how little you think about things. I was surprised I had completely disregarded the fact I can easily make pesto now I have the magimix. So I also bought a basil plant, which is a thing of beauty. Watch it die on me. I kill anything and everything. I only bought it as I thought it would be fresher. I must be right.

So there was Saturday’s success. Right, bedtime. I’ll update on my physical status post run tomorrow. I think I can predict it will be sore.

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