Finally allowed to play

So I finally got to hear the buzz of my Kenwood Chef. So I decided to make the most of it. Nothing gets me on my feet faster than Pete saying “I fancy this Jude Law film”. Jude law kills all films. Except Sherlock Holmes.

So I retreated off to my Sunday Culinary Club, membership one.

I first made some lemon cupcakes as the lemons needed using. Also they are so easy I just thought it a sharpener before I tackled anything more technical.

Result? Awesome. Had one. Gorgeous. So you know how before I complained there was no cake? I decided to create the opposite situation. Fill the house full of cake. So 12 cupcakes was just too limited.

So I decided to go for broke. Red Velvet cake. Three layers of light, red chocolatey-vanilla sponge sandwiched with cream cheese frosting. And covered in frosting. Like slicing into a cartoon red cake, with a real light tea room cake ending up on your plate.

Pardon my water bottle from this morning’s run. But I think this boy done good. And my it tastes pretty fabulous. Light as a feather. The only issue now is our arteries. And waist lines. Gym is calling. The only beef I have with that is I have a blister the size of Wales on my foot which makes me terrified of putting shoes on now!

Right, knackered. Country House Rescue then to bed. And I’m struggling to get through this hour. But Ruth Watson is fab, so I will persevere!

Ps too narcissistic to be in all the photos? Ah sod it!

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