I’m done prior to 2pm….

20 miles. Yes it is a bloody long way. So I set off this morning to do my long run. Last year I did a 23 mile run. I won’t bother again this year. 20 miles was long enough. I said yesterday that I imagined I’d feel sore. Damn right I do. With a stiffness which accentuates the soreness like a maxi dress on a fuller figured woman accents the boobs but hides the hips. I’m sat on the sofa as the kitchen is once again Pete’s DIY domain. Whilst Pete was plastering and refitting his kitchen, it was better as I still had my flat and could still function. I’m powerless without a stove to slave over. I feel like I have magic to weave but no means to do so.

I’m starving too. No cake in the house. I had a box of cupcakes from Hummingbird. Lemon Meringue was average. The cheapy ones, vanilla with chocolate icing, were amazing. It goes to show, the fancy pants ones are sometimes all fur coat no knickers.

And as I sit here, I’m growing increasingly unable to move. I’m sat bizarrely as well, almost frog legged. Which makes me worried I may set like this, which would be weird later on. Right, let’s see how my afternoon pans out. Catch you all later on.

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