Hey Pesto

Yes everyone, first attempt at home made pesto- winning ( to quote Charlie Sheen).

Key? Pine nuts and walnuts, Parmesan cheese and good olive oil. Ina also adds peas, but I don’t have frozen ones in. Im a fan of Farrows tinned marrowfat peas, only because if you add an avocado and lime juice you get an awesome houmous-esque dip. Thanks Nigella.

But I’m impressed with my Pesto efforts. As was Pete. But who knew something I have always found blah was a maligned version of something genius. New fall back dinner has been discovered! What got me was the colour- it was sage- coloured not spinach coloured. Perhaps that was wrong? I’m sure someone will tell me!

Long day. Meeting equivalent of Ben Hur this afternoon. Gym was tedious today also. Tomorrow will be a day of successes. It has to be. Otherwise it’s more of the same. Is this what Elton meant by circle of life. A perpetual Tuesday? Surely not.

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