Long day, slow cooking

There is a well known saying that preparation is the key to success. Now that person who said that is the reason the world feels inadequate 9 times out of ten. Indeed, I would love to be better prepared. It would also include that great ability to pause time so I could get my work done, waste hours at court, eat my lunch in peace, have meetings, finish at a reasonable time so I can go to the gym, and perhaps feel like I have a life in there as well. I’m able to admit I have only the vaguest semblance of a life. That’s why cake equals comfort, it’s in lieu of enjoyment.

Got home and cooked a school dinner. Seeing as on Wednesday I watch Waterloo Road, a drama about a school, I cook dinners on Wednesday that remind me of being 13, getting home from school, watching Clarissa Explains It All and being irritated about every aspect of my life. So again I made chicken, chorizo, chips and beans. It’s strangely soothing. It takes me back to a simpler time. I find it a bit of an irritant at the moment that I can’t jog on home some nights and have an hour on my own in the kitchen rustling up something I’d love to have. Especially seeing as I have a new tart tin that I want to use so badly. I bought a new book, Spooning With Rosie, which has some awesome recipes including a goats cheese tart I really want to eat….

So must try and fit a bit more time in to do what I want to do. So I’m going to give myself Sunday to do what I love. I have to get cracking with finishing my preference form for work (oh the joy of the upcoming job interviews and resultant losses- it’s like our own version of the live results on X Factor). But I think for all the pain, I need to find my pleasure. So the plan is to do an hour or so work on Saturday, and enjoy my Sunday. I need it as a calming transition into the eternally Blue Monday that always comes around. I hate Monday’s.

Todays food recommendation: Rachels Organic Blueberry Yogurt. Fabulous.

And let’s talk Paula Deen. This woman is a gay man’s fantasy. She is eating a chocolate pizza. Sounds vile but love her. Chocolate Pecan Pie sounds great. This is food tv I love!

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