There is always time for pie. Thats what shop bought pastry is for…

I have recently taken a rather greedy turn. I simply have been making some rather impulsive food decisions. Chorizo? Waitrose, many thanks. Wagamama? Monday night, sure why not. But tonight I decided enough was enough. I have a fridge featuring bacon, mushrooms and a cooked chicken leg and all I could think was pie. And I kicked myself. I’m dying to nail on my shortcrust pastry. But alas I didn’t have the time, forethought or motivation to ditch the gym for the love of pastry.

Indeed, especially seeing as Jusrol have perfected this art for me for about £1 a time. So I sent Pete. TK Maxx have provided me with my new fluted tin. I simply added an onion, bacon, chicken, mushrooms, a chilli, a splash of stock, fresh thyme and a touch of mashed potato. And voila!

Time spent? About less than half an hour. Enjoyment factor? About an 8.9.

Tried to watch more Paula Deen tonight. Love her. She is a fabulous woman. She had her son with her, Bobby. He was a big beefy strapping lad. But the two of them were making jacket potatoes. Jacket potatoes for more than 15 minutes. It was akin to the cherry tomatoes on skewers with the BBQ lamb shoulder that time.

Tonight’s Ina was the one with TR and his home by the water for fishing, when he went to the fishmongers. Pete’s words? “Even I have seen this one two dozen times.” My obsession has been taken too far. My loved ones are revolting against her. And against the silver fox, TR. I thought the day would never come. Ah well, not the end of the world. I was never going to make my own tartar sauce!

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