Early to bed? On a weekend?

I love Friday nights, it has a natural energy that no other night has. Yet I spoilt this week’s buzz by having the afternoon off. The reason being that Pete was off work and we met up for a trip shopping and lunch at Chilango. Now Chilango kinda makes fast food good food. Burritos quesidillas and tacos are not per se technical, but can disappoint, but here in about 1 minute your meal is prepped fresh, dished up and gives you the culinary experience of the rush of snogging at the end of a very good date. That elongated, limb numbing thrill you can’t emulate again, but you can still remember. Well it’s like that. But different.

I only bought stuff in Lakeland. I got a couple of presents for Amy, which I won’t share as I have sent her the link before and perhaps she is the person who comes to my blog via the page about steroids weekly, or from Chinese Google. I got my icing turntable, a fridge thermometer, two pairs of toast tongs and some ceramic baking beans. Awesome. I was pleased.

Pasta for tea. Again, using up all the stuff filling our fridge we need to clear. Could do with a hair cut today, also need to do my 8 miles. May gym them, the streets aren’t quiet enough Saturdays. It’s an irritant. Then I’m going to make a lemon tart and some cookies I think. Cake is a Sunday thing.

Saw a new Ina yesterday, with mystery guest Mel Brooks. So damn funny. Jeffrey and Ina looked terrified, but so amused. He was funnier than his later movies that’s for sure!

Still loving Paula Deen. Although 20 minutes on how to bake a potato, as I said, grated. She also wasted a good cheesecake balling the top layer and putting it on a stick coated in nuts. But if I were a child id probably want to marry that sort of thing. You soon forget!

– I don’t run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

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