And the survey says?

Two thumbs up for the boeuf Bourguignon! Cotes du Rhone used, as per one of the recommended wines. Now I followed it to the letter, including the method of skimming fat, browning mushrooms, braising the onions (baby onions not located so used shallots), washing the casserole after baking, adding the mushrooms and onions, readding the sauce and simmering for a bit.

Now I cut corners using those Stock Pot sachets instead of boiling a beef carcass for hours. But it was satisfying. I’m currently thinking about cinnamon buns, and want to run off and bake some. But not sure there is any necessity in making some doughy sweet baked goodies, seeing as we have biscuits and yogurt that needs eating.

Lemon tart has been eaten. My fear is that I should be gearing up for Monday. I dislike doing this for numerous reasons, most of all because to admit the week is coming is to let weekend Adam go. And weekend Adam is far more me.

Booking tickets to Brighton for the marathon. Urgh. Exciting yet exhausting. But the good thing about the run will be the après run. I’m thinking Nandos and ice cream. Or a hot bath and a McDonalds like last year. The idea alone makes me feel shattered. But at least it’s in the UK this year, last years trip to a different time zone was slightly misguided as I battled fatigue and lack of sleep to get through. This time I’ll just be battling aching legs and physical limitations. This year I’m not going for any time, I’m just going round.

Right folks, that’s it for Sunday I think. Not even twenty to eight and I’m thinking of going to bed. I’m so gangsta. I’ve been to Waitrose, Currys and Comet, made dinner, baked a loaf and watched American Idol, I can’t think how much more I can achieve whilst mildly hungover. Well, maybe the cinnamon buns. Let’s see if TV Burp is funny if not, I’ll be off to my kitchen heaven.

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