Monday Morning blues abated

So I went to work at an earlier hour than usual today. I departed for work prior to 7am, and arrived at the office about 7.15am. I needed to do some reading for court but had to go to a meeting before so needed to find the time.

I managed to get the court reading done, and to my meeting on time, and managed to get the meeting completed before time to ensure I was at court in time. Order was drafted, handed in and signed off in no time, and back at the office for lunch. So I managed to get to the shops, and bought the remainder of Amy’s birthday present. Really pleased with it actually. I’m getting quite good at present purchases all in all. It’s an element of trust of instinct. I have to trust that I know what people like by the fact we have similar tastes. I basically shop for myself now!

I have today been thinking about Ina Garten. What does a Monday have in store for her? Is it sad as Jeffrey is gone till Friday? Is it full of meetings and appointments, appearances, filming? Trips to TR’s cabin? Is Miguel coming round to stage a dinner party for 7 in a way far more elaborate than many black tie events or weddings I have been to? Is Stephen coming round to eat and discuss her latest column in House Beautiful? It’s all a world away from anything I get up to. It’s a whole world away from anything in my world. Maybe she is trying out recipes with Barbara.

I can’t say I’m not jealous. That creative freedom, that immersion in your passion, a world where wealth can be measured in love and enjoyment as well as in the acreage and quality of parquet flooring. On return from a post work Out of Office meeting (tres exciting by the way) I made a meal from the fridge and cupboard, which is always exciting when you are a completely impulsive shopper like me who never plans meals. We had potato, chorizo and left over roast chicken burritos, all sauteed in a chipitole, arbol chilli, all spice, cumin, cinnamon and tomato sauce. It was beautiful, and so impromptu.

Watched a bit of Annabel Langbein this morning. Annabel is funny I really like her. She is so enthusiastic and earnest, yet she has the most random hob I have ever seen. She has some really good ideas and tips, yet her unintended innuendos are my favourite bits. Every so often it’s like the spirit of Sid James enters her and you get a bit of naughtiness in there. I don’t think she is entirely innocent!

I also watched Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets tonight. He is so so lovely, he truly is. I love him a bit more week by week. Tonight he was so nice to Adam and to Sophie Grigson. He comes across so well. Love him completely. And he made Tarte Tatin, which I would love to know how to make. And now I do have that knowledge, but still don’t think I can do with any confidence. Maybe that’s what separates me from Annabel, Raymond and Ina, no confidence in my ability. I can follow a recipe, no problem. But creating magic? Not sure that’s my forte. I can just about take it Back to Basics.

– If Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why do I think about my dinner from 8am till 6pm?

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