Pre-sleep post

Hey world, here I am…..

(Little Barbra Streisand quote for you. In case you could not tell I was gay yet)

I can’t post picks of tonight’s bake, as it’s a surprise for someone and I don’t want to spoil it. And he or she may check my blog out before bed. Like I say, they may have moved the Walkley/ Hillsborough area to Belarus or South Korea, where I get semi-regular page views. Who knows.

The new site is going great guns so far, and Harry is going to come and help me make it even better. Don’t know how. Maybe more Ina. I was too busy trying to make Tarragon Chicken, an Abbie Kirkham recommendation from the recent Nigella Lawson penned Kitchen book. It was lovely, although I could not get fresh Tarragon in Sheffield. It’s such a backwater, herb-wise. Posh peoples problems eh? Nightmare.

Ok, I will let the cat out of the bag, I have been ensuring my mate Amy Oakley has a great 29th tomorrow. Although I should not make too much effort for anyone who has the audacity of still being in their 20’s. Hateful. She needs to attune to being over 30, and have felt too old to be in a nightclub at least 3 times, and superior to the ignorant youth at least 1000 times. Although in a town with 2 universities, the student population will have made that already something she can tick off the list. With 30 also came the increasingly frequent utterance of things like “I would much rather get up on a Sunday, go for a run and then bake whilst listening to Michael Ball and Elaine Paige on Radio 2” without any ironic intent. Although that is my favourite thing to do. Sunday just gone, I was drying the beef and sautéing mushrooms whilst listening to EP, and I felt quite contented.

Right, enough of all that. Got new phones at work today. We then proceeded to call one another on them for about an hour. It appears our office has a population who all enjoy saying “hiya” in a camp Mancunian accent. It’s how we all systematically answered. Bizarre.

Missed Barefoot Contessa tonight. I imagine Ina started with a cake, then produced a snack for herself then a main. I’m sure Jeffrey and a homosexual featured somewhere. I’m going to pretend it was me. We had a blueberry crumb cheesecake, goats cheese lasagne with a tomato basil salad. There, I have created e fantasy. Now to bed to let my subconscious elaborate.

Sweet dreams everybody. Have a fabulous Thursday x

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