Have had a particularly long and arduous day. Court was long, and tiring. This morning peaked too soon with Amy’s birthday coffee in Starbucks. She loved her Magnolia Bakery Cookbook and bunny and butterfly cookie cutters from Lakeland, served up in a Le Creuset heart-shaped ramekin with mini eggs. I also managed to find the worlds coolest ice cream scoop, it was in the shape of a woman with a beehive.

The cupcakes were fabulous. My sponge worked so well. I was so thrilled. I was just sad I gave them away. Never mind, when you get to figure it out, there is nothing really to cake, and it’s cheap once the basics are all brought together. It’s science in many ways, baking, but it’s impossible not to be excited when my baked good of choice comes out all beaming and beautiful. I was going to bake tonight, but I’m too tired and aching. I think I may prepare a sourdough sponge, prep the dough in the morning so we can have lovely fresh bread all weekend long.

I am eagerly, saliva tinglingly awaiting the receipt of Cake Days, the new Hummingbird Bakery book tomorrow. I’m a bit peeved I pre ordered the book for the same price it’s on sale in every bloody book shop, so I could have had it in my greedy paws at 8am this morning, but it means that tomorrow I get to take a mid morning delivery and excitedly rip open that Amazon package and open the delicious pages that promise so very much.

Two crazy new cases crossed my path today. I do seem to attract these weird cases. I keep finding myself spending my evenings adding reminders into my phone of things I need to do. Questions, calls, updates, copying, a,k sorts of tasks meaningful and varyingly urgent which come to mind and go again throughout the working day. I just sometimes wish time and tide could stand still and let me get ahead of myself for once in this lifetime. But hey, what doesn’t kill me will hopefully make me mildly stronger.

Tonight I saw a fab programme, ChoccyWockyDooDah. It’s basically Ace of Cakes without Duff. Instead we have Christine, a Clarissa Dickson-Wright meets Margaret Rutherford type who runs a cake store where people mould cakes from chocolate with dough-like chocolate which makes me a bit nervous for those eating it, as they have been handling it to death. I’m sure hygiene is heightened, no doubt. They were awesome tho, like the best of Ace of Cakes. Actually, a couple of the ones I saw were better than some of the Duff creations. You can tell they are at the top of their game, commissions from celebs and Christian Louboutin. Hardly like some women from work and my mother, who I cater for. But hey ho. I would recommend though folks. It’s very entertaining.

No Barefoot Contessa today because it was St Patricks Day. I find that ironic. Most people who wish to celebrate do so with Guinness in a pub, not with Food Network. But alas, it was the schedulers prerogative. Would have loved to have seen Ina after a nightmare day, but I was robbed. Will have to binge tomorrow. It is Friday after all, big day in the Garten household. I can join Ina in celebrating the return of Jeffrey into my life.

So what’s in store this weekend. Apparently a night out tomorrow, then a Saturday full of food, recovery and a bit of baking. Maybe Pizza Saturday, I fancy tackling dough. Rachel Allen made it tonight, not at all hard I can see. That should be doable. Then a 15-17 miler on Sunday, then more cake, desserts and bread baking. I can see no reason why not to make hay at these times. I call it preparation for my future domestic god-status. I just hope domestic gods are not supposed to be on top of their ironing. For there, I’m totally failing. I need an ironing man or woman. All recommendations gratefully accepted.

Right, sourdough sponge then bed for me. I have to red twitchy eye. Tell-tale sign I need bed. I keep having nightmares so I’m terribly tired. And a bit nervous about sleep again. But I’m hoping it won’t be too bad tonight, I hope I have turned a corner!

Sweet dreams everyone, will check in tomorrow. If not before then during night out, there is always a toilet queue or bar wait, you’ll be fabulous company.

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