Practice makes less than perfect

Well, the doughy bread appears to be my own fault for cutting it too warm. Mistake made, lesson learnt. The small round loaf was great. Had it at lunchtime with baked beans. Not so classy but lovely all the same.

Went for a long walk. Had a Starbucks, looked around some stores before I returned home with Pete for an afternoon of bliss. That is, over three hours holed up in the kitchen with my Kenwood Chef and my radio. Weekends on Radio 2 really are my idea of bliss, and I will not lie to you I’m so looking forward to this damn marathon being completed so I can selfishly organise my weekends so I’m not forever planning my runs and my miles with the risk of missing one of my favourite shows. And I tell you. I get grumpy if I think there is any risk of missing out on EP on Sunday in my kitchen due to blisters or the like.

So there I was holed up listening to Zoe Ball covering for Dermot (seriously, Zoe is great in this kinda slot or roll. More please Radio 2) recreating the bread I made before with the hope of perfecting my schoolboy error. I then carried on. Once the flour was opened, it was like a drug. I made two foccacia’s, one for us and one for our Monday night guests. And then I just couldn’t stop.

I cracked this open.

So picture it. I have been here in the kitchen all afternoon, in heaven. It’s like my own therapy.

Apple, walnut and cinnamon cupcakes were added to my repertoire.

And here is my bounty. The fruits of my labour.

Risotto for dinner. Ran out of parmesan so added Manchego cheese instead. Lovely, creamy delicious. Again, labour intensive but gave be something to keep me in the kitchen for Alan Carr’s show. Hilarious as ever. I love how he makes Mel Sykes sound like a sad old maid, it really is like being out for wine with some good mates and having so much fun. My face always hurts from smiling come 8pm.

Right, bed calls. Long old day, and big run in the morning. See you all on the other side.

– I don’t run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

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