So sorry for Friday Failure

Well, I failed. I have to admit. I attempted to make sure that I could blog, quick tea organised etc, but alas, I was fast asleep by about 9.30pm. Pete and I watched as my Comic Relief that my heart could stand, too much sobbing on a Friday night deflates ones soul. Amazing work tho, truly. Really inspiring. And enjoyed Miranda on Masterchef. Been up since not long after 7, have made some bread, it’s just proving now. Will then put some bacon on and have a truly well earned bacon sandwich. Pete is in bed, he watched a scary film and came to bed all needy and huggy to ease his nerves.

Watching Rachel Allen’s Dinner Parties. This couple are so posh, it appears they love in a flat, which must mean we are talking West London. The husband is called Guy, which really does mean “posh” in my head. She looks like a plainer Katie Derham. Rachel is this series in a blue studio kitchen, but it looks so false. It reminds me of a bad set for a soap, where you can tell it’s fake as the missing fourth wall has no function, as the entire kitchen is organised over 3 Walls, including the inanimate door.

What annoys me is this woman has my dream Le Crueset griddle. Cheap blender though. I’m holding out for the Kitchenaid one next time, cheap blenders are a false economy! They have decorated the table blue in a cream and red room. Horrid. Le Creuset wok as well. Vile wall hangings though. Like some bloody hall of residence.

Right, that’s my Le Creuset jealously taken out on some poor woman. Righty ho, off I go to finish my bread! Later world.

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