In the kitchen today…

I battled post run fatigue, successfully I may add, and baked a variation on key lime pie. No key limes. No limes either. Just squeezy dirty fake lime, which I love. But I had lemons, so I have made a Lemon and Lime pie. It came out well.

It’s wobbly underneath. Is that wrong? Who knows. Pork loin in oven for dinner. Pete doesn’t care much for Roast Pork, so I have my work cut out anyway. So let’s see how I do. Squash and potatoes roasting away. I have been tee-total all weekend until right now. Paul O’Grady always makes me feel like the end of my solitude is in sight. and the work kicks in. But Jill and Suzanne are coming over tomorrow night which will be fun. Do love seeing those girls, even if the chat does tend to be about eye stuff I don’t get.

Pete has picked dinner, so have to tackle that when I get in. I’m best placed in the kitchen anyway. Minimal trouble can be caused.

Will blog later post dinner to report on any successes or failures!

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