Dream the impossible dream

Work is driving me insane. All I think about all day, when I’m not thinking about everything I should be doing but can’t of don’t have the time to do, is food. And more food. And how I love food. And wish I was around food.

So for a few weeks I dreamed a silly dream and applied to take part in this years Great British Bake Off, but didn’t hear anything. It’s hard as I know it’s simply that the standard must have been very high this year. But still a bit deflated as it was something I really could occasionally daydream about.

It says a lot about the standards this year, they have been auditioning in London, the form was fierce. I thought my form was quite good, but this country must be filled with awesome bakers. I’m just amateur with a capital A!

The other difference I think was I was quite late in he day with my application. Next year I will be a real early birdy I think. Plus I’m forever expanding my repertoire. The Royal Wedding is giving me more excuse than I need. You’d think I was catering that bad boy. I’m planning on doing an Annabel Langbein and tea smoking my own salmon. For the “wedding breakfast” (aka breakfast on the 29th). I could not be more excited than if I was getting married.

Oh William. How I have grown up alongside you. And Kate. How I knew you were right for him. All along. And you have lovely hair. Just lovely. Anne and I exchange every excited news update about the wedding. We are impossibly giddy. Can’t wait to put the bunting up.

And fill these bad boys!

Patriotic cupcake cases. It would be treason not too!

– I don’t run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

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