Minor Irritants

Yes Dear hearts, I think I will yet again be blog-based venting.

After what can be described as a “mixed” day, where I had work successes meeting work based frustration, I have finished the day on a somewhat melancholic note. As the cuts begin to bite (BBC copy, not my own), we got the dates for our reinterviews. It’s an ambitious process, if nothing else. I will say no more than that about it, it is what it is, and I really do think for all the complaints and exclamations, there is no other way I can think of to sack someone so I just let it go and be what it will be. But it does allow my mind to explore it’s more dramatic side and act out in my head the devastating scene of finding out it was me. It’s Olivier Award winning stuff. And perhaps too self indulgent.

Work stopped for a while today to mark the passing of Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Creator of White Diamonds, which my mother used to wear, star of National Velvet, and gorgeous creature all round, she really did epitomise that far and away land of Hollywood we still had when I was a kid in the 80’s. We still had the remaining stars from the glam era, the cast of Dynasty and Dallas still put the likes of Rock Hudson, Howard Keel, Diahann Carroll and Ali MacGraw on our TV screens week in week out. I’m not sure that we have the same anymore, it would be depressing if the likes of Dustin Hoffman and De Niro are seen the same, as I’m not sure they are cut from that ancient glamorous, almost untouchable or indelible, cloth. Very sad about Liz. She also has that tragic back story of trying hard to love but failing every time. Not as sad as Judy Garland or Marilyn, where the men finally helped deal that fatal blow, but she loved and lost that girl. Rest in peace Liz. Get Michael to sing the Earth Song to you, from me.

Gym was hard work today. My phantom weak bladder was on my mind. I don’t have one, just a phobia about needing a wee. I must move on. But it helps. I’m always a little lighter in mood as a result. Pasta for tea. Nice. Variant of Nigella’s small pasta with salami. Varied as it had bigger pasta in. Eaten in front of Waterloo Road and ChoccyWoccyDooDah. Sweet tonight, as they did a winter wonderland cake. Gorgeously done with a stag and deer on the top. Lovely. Then a guy proposed to his girlfriend on a cake in the window. I nearly cried. So moving. Loved it. Too sweet! I hope Pete takes all this in. Will expect some real romance next holiday from him!

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