Such fun!

I had such a fabulous afternoon. The Great John Street Hotel is the best place for afternoon tea. We were ushered into a little lounge room, with padded arm chairs and little silver tables. Service wise, well it was average but the finger sandwiches of turkey and cranberry, beef and horseradish, salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and ham were moist and fresh. The cake stand followed. Creme filled hoax buns, Victoria sandwich, fruit loaf, rocky road and scone cream and jam, all circled by fresh raspberries. The Best thing about the place was it was like a relaxed living room, but someone else’s. We got to sit around and enjoy our afternoon tea in quiet relaxed surroundings, comfy without the threat of washing up. An as it was the first time I had met Abbie it was lovely not to worry or have any scrotes to concern us as we chatted about a wide wide variety of subjects.

Let’s just say I learnt all sorts about the vocabulary of the British military. We also discussed operation hen do. We made decisions. Stage one will be Champneys. Stage 2 London. London will include a show and a meal. Meal will perhaps be Italian as we agreed that when it comes to food Italian is the one people can agree on. And the final club destination will be Catherine’s choice, it’s her Hen do of course. And no strippers apparently. Oh well. I guess the only knob I’ll see that weekend will have to be my own. Or Antony Costa at a cashpoint.

Catherine went on to see two Chinese people her fiancé is hosting for the week. Abbie and I were binned. The closest we got to authentic Chinese culture was in the station M and S.

I also left Manchester with the following teapot initially bought for my mum now destined for a cupboard or Abbie if she comes to see me as we have a red Le Creuset one at home courtesy of Anne.

Do love the colour mind.

Right now it’s me and Britney on the train home. I need a wee but will wait till I get to Midland station as I hate to go on trains as its disconcerting to go on a moving vehicle.

Such a fab day. Love those ladies loads. The hen do will be amazing! Really excited now!!

– I don’t run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

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