Train blogging once again

Had to give up on the radio player app as it kept cutting out so I’m travelling with you dear readers. Well with you firmly in mind.

Here are my offerings for the girls. Loaves. Neither are burnt, don’t know why the one on the left looks charred beyond recognition. Bizarre. Every blog u read says “I take the photo in my kitchen using natural lighting”, obviously they don’t live in a shaded terraced house where the natural lighting makes a successful bake look like a prop from Backdraft.

Listening to Britney as I write. Love Britney. I urge you all to start adding DListed to you daily reading list. The guy who writes it always insists that before her return with Hold It Against Me (HIAM to those who tweet!) the only words Britney could say were “huh? Venti” due to her seemingly obsessive relationship with the frappucino. Seriously, she doesn’t seem to be able to walk without a whipped cream drink.

I do get mad when I see fat people with a venti frappucino as they always have whipped cream on top. Listen obese person, I know you are at risk of heart disease and diabetes, you know it too. Why buy a drink that is sugary syrup, double cream topped with whipping cream? Have a cup of tea. Or a skinny misto (my choice at Starbucks if you’re curious). If I go non-fat you should make a similar choice.

I also hate seeing fat people in the supermarket as I become a basket nazi. I hate that they always have a box of 24 bags of crisps in there. And bags of fun size chocolate, as I know thy way they will eat 14 in a sitting as “they are only small”. And they always walk past fruit and green veg, grab potatoes and then walk off. I want to say “you are eating shit. No wonder you look like one of the cast of the Biggest Loser at the weigh in”. I really shouldn’t start on these things.

Didn’t sleep well. Also my back aches must have been slumped last night. Any hoo, back to staring aimlessly out the window.

– I don’t run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

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