Day off, but half day in

Yes folks, I went into work. Sad but true. It’s amazing, you go in for half a day, but end up doing more than in about 4 days normally as I was really keen to get done and get out.

I came home to tackle some of the chores. I put the washing in, made the bed, and made a sourdough loaf.

And then I got brave. I made my own lemon curd. I used it to sandwich my already successful courgette cake, which I did in two sandwich tins.

Pretty pleased with it. Very nice.
Pizza for tea, shop bought. Watched The Delicious Miss Dahl on Good Food. Annoying. Very annoying. Just cook. And stop saying melancholy. I don’t care what Dorothy Parker said about anything, just tell me how to make nice food. I’m all for the indulgent but that was tedious. She also melted a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and poured it over ice cream. But Sophie and I do have the same cast iron casserole dish. Which excited me no end!

It’s the mystery guest episode of Barefoot Contessa which I do love. She buys the biggest chunk of Stilton from someone called Michael at a cheese shop. She says shopping there is “such fun”. Not sure why so much fun, she simply tried two cheeses from what we saw, but simple pleasures I guess.

Really enjoyed the pizzas. I also love a day off the gym. Run tomorrow. Pete is off to Body Pump with MC in the morning. Gotta keep focused tho, otherwise there will be less cake. That is key. I do love my cake.

– I don’t run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

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  1. that sponge looks lovely! very impressed with your baking output….how do you find the time to eat so much of it though?!! like the new blog layout too.

    (…a good way of getting more traffic is linking to other food blogs via a 'blog list/what i'm reading' type list, then hopefully they'll do the same. also, it's interesting to see what you're reading)


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