Ina Garten is NOT heartless! Case in point…

So I have had to carry on with my life in the knowledge that my idol was facing her darkest hour since, I don’t know, she was struggling with a recipe for blue cheese soufflés. I did a google search. Quite why my blog is not one of the first things you see when you google Ina I don’t know, but it upsets me. I must learn how to tag key words on or something. Its all a bit computer science-y for me.

So now people have started websites about we hate Ina, or Boycott Barefoot Contessa. I am disturbed. One, that people cannot see this a storm in a Cath Kidston teacup and will be forgotten by the time the next celeb scandal appears. Two, that people still believe the one sided reporting of the media. Three, that people still believe they can reallocate upset and offence to themselves even when those concerned who may legitimately be upset announce that they hold no ill will towards her at all. And lastly Four, that people don’t realise this woman is a business woman. The TV show is about as real as The Hills was.

I must make it clear, I’m aware of the Make a Wish foundation, their work, and also the information regarding Enzo and his illness. But I’m not going to talk about him and his illness, its not my place, and it appears his family are tired of him being portrayed via a medical diagnosis. It’s not fair to talk about this when I know nothing about them and think its best to let them enjoy their lives, and hopefully his experience with Ina will be more positive time they can enjoy. But the whole things gets me to thinking, does the simple upper class lifestyle Ina portrays do her a disservice when it comes to how people think about what happens in her day to day life?

Do people think that Barbara and Ina are the only people involved in that multi-media and brand business, along with Frank her business partner? Do they think the family rocked up at the house, knocked on the door, there was no reply, went round the back where Ina was al fresco dining with Jeffrey, Miguel and Michael, where they shooed them away? It’s more likely someone at an agency or tv production company dealt with them. Maybe people think she picked up an e mail on her BlackBerry and just banged out an “I’m busy” email.

It’s odd, you learn about things with people when you start something which has a web presence. When we started our networking group, people started e mailing in asking who we were, why we were doing it and what was our motivation. People started e mailing in long e mails, which quoted parts of our website or posts on social networking sites, attempting to tear us down, critiquing us and accusing us of all sorts of slights, errors and ignorance. It was all a revelation, as we were obviously starting something simply as an opportunity for us to meet new people and for others to share the same opportunity. People seemingly searched for problems, and found them where they didn’t exist, and tried to act as prophet to our “downfall”.

Like the introductory chapter to a fab cookbook, you read things and they can be pertinent. They can change your views, inspire you, colour your judgment, make you laugh, make you cry, make you want to expand your knowledge further. It appears to me that people take this for granted online, and just see the forum not the influence. They say “it’s just a tweet” or “everyone talks like it on Facebook”. Just because we don’t use a pen anymore, doing mean the virtual published word is not mightier than the sword. It’s almost worse. I mean, in those days a pen would write a letter than can be seen by the recipient, a Facebook group can be joined by anyone, and the hatred shared globally. Perhaps we should all try and bear that in mind, and it would be nice to see things change for the more positive. Life is hard enough without firing daggers all the time.

I’m bizarrely reflective this morning, almost insightful one may believe. I don’t mean to be all deep. I suppose I have mused over this for a while. In other news, I’m busy today off work. I have a sourdough sponge that has sat in a warm place overnight to turn into a dough to prove for a few hours, popping into work for a bit, then an afternoon of domesticity for me. Maybe a cake, maybe more bread, maybe some washing. Scrap that, definitely some washing.

How my life and Ina’s are parallel. Actually, no they aren’t. Have we ever seen Ina do laundry? She must wash her shirts somewhere. Or does Barbara do it? She must have a washing machine. She converted her barn when she seemingly lives alone 5 days out of 7, why she need that conversion is a mystery to me, she must have facilities to wash clothing. She probably has an on-site dry cleaner. That’s another thing to ask if I live the dream and meet her!

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