Even less of a day off

So I went into work again. Just to do a quick hearing. So of course it was over half a day in court sat around waiting for other folk to pull their fingers out.

It’s funny as half a day sounds like the window to a more luxurious time, the chance to do things and enjoy your time. Instead I got in, washed up, posted my mum’s mothering Sunday gift, made tomorrow’s loaf, made an aubergine gratin and then had a sit down. Next thing I know Pete is leaning over me about to attempt to view my retina to see if I’m asleep. I was shattered.

I got up at not long after 6 to make sure I got a workout in. Phew. Working out without sustenance is hard. Halfway through I didn’t know if I was going to freak or faint. As soon as I got into work and devoured a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes equilibrium was restored.

So tonight’s tea was inspired by Ina’s visit from Mel Brooks and was her chicken Parmesan. So here is how it went. I blitzed some sourdough bread and Parmesan cheese in the Magimix. Then I beat an egg on a plate. I bashed a chicken breast in a freezer bag until it was thin almost translucent. It then resembled some kind of chicken escalope. I coated it in the egg wash and then throughly coated it in bread crumbs ready to fry till golden.

Very tasty. Inordinately cheesy and sweet.

And the bread?

And the downside?

Bloody mountains of washing up.

No rest or the wicked. And I’m rewarding myself before the event.

Gotta love wine. Wine keeps it all moving along at a very enjoyable pace. To be honest I’m kinda glad I have not had a two day break. It preserves the Thursday night elation and I feel less Sunday night bluesy. I’m looking forward to Saturday. Kylie, here I come!

– I don’t run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

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