Living for the Weekend!

It should be fine. It should not bother me. But two half days in the office gives me that Friday feeling in spades, the promise of two clear days off!!

Im off to the gym in a bit to make sure that I am in credit for the booze and food I will be taking on, as this weekend I will be seeing the goddess that is Kylie Minogue live. I forgot all about it until last week. Staying in the mint hotel, which used to be the City Inn, which will be nice. Right opposite Piccadilly so not far to drag a bag in town. Very excited by it all. Two weeks, two visits to Manchester, its as if i’ve been bitten by a gay bug and I must get my Gaytown’s on. Next week Brighton beckons.

Had leftovers from yesterday’s tea for my lunch. Already mulling over tonights dinner options. Im thinking fish and chips. So that’ll be a stop at Waitrose for fresh fish and McCain HomeFries for me. And a tin of marrowfat peas. Gotta have my avocado tinned pea mash these days. Love that stuff.

If you haven’t had it, here’s the skinny on what you need:

One or more ripe avocado
Clove of Garlic
One tin of Farrow’s Marrowfat Peas
Squeeze of lime juice (I use the fake stuff!)

And its simply a case of peel the avocado and garlic, add to a processor or bowl if you are without, add the tinned peas and mash mash mash away! If no processor, you’ll need to mince the garlic. Add the lime juice to taste or to thin out the consistency if its a bit too dry and lumpy! The product of this works as two things, I like it as a cool mushy pea alternative where I bread my own fish with breadcrumbs and chilli flakes, to give it a bit of heat. But its also an amazing dip, to have with tortilla chips or little sourdough soldiers. Trust me, amazing……

If you are reading this and are an attendee at my royal wedding event, believe me this will be put out as an offering for sure!

Very excited about my weekend plans. Have Ina set on Sky Plus for my Sunday afternoon hungover slump viewing pleasure. Let there be a classic in there. I’m thinking I could do with some Back to Basics in my life. Ooh, the Steak and Sides one! Or the one with Stephen and his cookery lesson.

Come on, spoil me. Pleasure and pain need to be balanced out!

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