The irrational gym tale

Was just getting changed when someone putting his coat on rather frantically managed to punch me in the side of the head. Now I don’t care very much about this, accidents happen and it was not painful.

The tale is what happened next. The guy turned round, tutted like a disapproving woman does to a teen gobbing on the pavement, and gave me a look. The look those who read D Listed will know as Dionne Warwick side eye. If this means nothing to you, it looks like this:

Excuse the windswept look, the hairdryers are experiencing “essential maintenance” at the g. No one has gone near them. Unless they are maintaining them with positive thought, I have no idea what is happening.

Who gives someone evils for being in the way of their arm as they put a jumper on whilst doing windmill arm movements? Bizarre. I just laughed. Another error. He looked like he was about to burst a vein in his temple at that.

Off to buy tea.

Bonne Vendredi!

– I don’t run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

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