Post Kylie blues

What do I do now that I have visited the fountains of the goddess Aphrodite and there is nothing to look forward to? Oh that’s it. I go to Brighton and run 26.2 miles next week. But that’s next weeks ridiculous task.

Luke and I at Kylie!

Here is our view. Amazing seats. Those poor people on the floor had to stand and wait for her to come out, and it was so damn warm in there. I’m 30 now, I need a sit down these days.

Well, as my rather amusing, for me anyway because I forgot what I wrote, post last night said, she was amazing and we went on to have an awesome night round the finest venues that Manchester had to offer. Churchills, Velvet, AXM and Cruz 101. OK, so a little bit tacky but was fun nonetheless.

Manchester seems to be full of beef. I mean, the gym’s in town must be 75% gay. These guys are stacked. But then again, there is some OD level of pretension in that place. I wondered before why there were 3 branches of All Saints in town, but Saturday night shows you why. They need to keep a plentiful supply of slashed neck tees to clothe the queens.

As you go from place to place, there were just more bizarre folks. In Velvet, we had a wasted woman who fashioned some dance moves I’m taking to the bank. It’s bizarre, you mould your hands into little scoop shapes and stroke your right cheek with the back of your right hand and with the other pretend you are trying to scoop some form of waist height soil or sand in an erratic fashion that does not match the beat of the music, all the time sporting a tight permed look.

There was also a gaggle of hen’s on the Street, who were trying to get us to take our underpants off. We were stone cold sober at the time, not that that would make any difference. Hate hen do’s in gay venues.

AXM was the worst. Full of skanky looking children. It really did look low rent. Sadly I think that is a relative skankiness, compared to Dempseys it was on a par. We didn’t stay. It’s when we realised we were the only people there who didn’t know the words to Justin Bieber, including the rap. They were all the same generation as Bieber.

So we went to Cruz 101. And they say what’s in a name. Anywhere where they place a mirror torso height at the urinal is sleazy! There was a funny moment with a girl with her boobs almost entirely on display who got offended when I did a little boob shimmy at her. Don’t bring the twins if I’m not supposed to notice! There was a guy who resembled an olive skinned Mr Muscle geek dancing shirtless with the highest waisted boxer shorts I have ever seen. Another completely wasted guy was head butting the wall. It’s a magical town.

So then we headed home to the hotel, and I ordered room service breakfast. The additional £4 seemed reasonable at 4am. At 10am when it arrived it was a godsend. Never did the idea of getting dressed and facing Joe Public in the restaurant seem more impossible nor less welcome. It was a really decadent experience, if a little confusing as I could not understand what the girl from room service was saying or asking me to do. but it came good in the end. Was so hungry. But there was so much food.

Todays bake has been some salted nut cookies. Got to do dinner in a bit. So hungry but apathy is taking over in swathes. Pasta for Sunday dinner I’m afraid Peter. He won’t mind. In carbs we trust on Sundays like this.

Not in court tomorrow. In taking control of the stress and sorting the backlog on my desk. Already made headway into it. I’m on top folks. And will dominate that position! I’m going to think this into being world. Good Housekeeping told me too. Love that magazine. Fab Royal Wedding/ Best of British issue. Gotta love Twiggy.

That’s all for now, blog more later x

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  1. On the other hand, it amusing to see the youth make such fools of themselves. And to feel semi-classy, whilst drinking a pint out of a plastic glass whilst squealing when JLo comes on…..


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