Slow day, slow post

Sorry dearest readers, it’s been an uneventful day in Adam world. Underwhelming stock in TK Maxx, decent enough day in the office, average run and cross train in the gym, it’s just plodded along amiably. Nothing really to report.

Oh hang on wait. I do have big news. A Nigella series that broadcast at a time where I was not watching Nigella is being repeated on Good Food. Yes, Forever Summer has come into my world! Today was lemons. Nope, I’m not being anti-lesbian. It was an episode involving lemon recipes. A gorgeous sounding blackberry, mascarpone and limoncello trifle, a random barbecued beef recipe which seemed to be “barbecue the beef” once I got to the end of it, so still can’t see why we had to sit there and listen to a thousand synonyms for charred (burnished, blackened, darkly anointed etc etc). It was a treat. It was as if someone had logged onto my blog and realised Sophie Dahl’s show was just wrong. If even I, a gay with a love of the theatrical with a shared cast iron casserole, disapproved then there was no hope for it. Although next time I go to MacArthur Glen I’m going to see if the book is still on offer as it may be worth a look for a few of the puddings I have seen alone. Although I downloaded a sample from iBooks, and the bits about Jamie, pancakes and Miles Davis were nauseating.

Dinner today was a quick one. The leftover tomato, rosemary and basil chicken with pasta, topped with some breadcrumbs and grilled, served with a piece of cod, spinach salad and a dill mayonnaise. I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this but dill mayonnaise is the absolute living end. It’s amazing. Especially with fish, or with a salad leaf like rocket or spinach. That aniseed flavour with the creaminess of the mayonnaise along with any peppery or slightly bitter leaf? Awesome. I have started to favour a spinach as a salad leaf of choice, simply because it’s a bit cheaper than much of the pre packed salad that I tend to buy, the shelf life is a touch longer and also it’s just so good for you. Plus on the day it’s looking a bit sorry, it just is tumbled into a pasta or curry dish, or I blend it with basil into a pesto (cheat I know, purists call the pesto police if you hate the idea) and I minimise waste. Clever eh? Baz Luhrmann beat me with the advice on sunscreen, I will just teach you to add dill to your Mayo and to swap passĂ© rocket for young leaf spinach. Buy young leaf in the big bags from the veggie aisle. Baby leaf in the salad aisle can be overpriced and tastes no better.

I’m in bed now. Got a sore throat and sniffles today. I need to look after myself for Sunday. Today I have had more fruit than I have in ages. My body is a temple and this week I worship thee. Tapering the exercise is hard. Tomorrow I want to gym it but not sure I should. Ah well, I’m having Wednesday and Friday off. Tomorrow won’t hurt. I’ll keep it alternative cardio no more longish runs, I promise. Got to keep it in the bag for Brighton.

Tired once more. Must get well rested for Brighton too. I’m so tired I keep missing the shift button on the keyboard on my iPad and typing a z, which comes up as Zebrighton, which sounds like something from Allo Allo. Anyone not English and or over the age of about 29, Wikipedia it. In hindsight, it’s all a bit xenophobic and would not be allowed now. A bit like about 95% of 80’s sitcom humour. Luke and I were only discussing the fact that much of the Golden Girls would be too close to the bone these days…

Right, I will go to sleep now. There really is a fine line between my insights and random waffling bollocks, and I’m treading it right now. Feel sorry for those I work with, that line eats my dust within moments of me walking through the door most days!

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