A world of frustration

Alas, d day draws near, with my interview taking place next week. It feels almost ironic that I have a marathon to complete first. When I think back to how long this process has been hanging over me, it almost felt like it would never come. I’m almost willing it on now, as we need closure.

In a true pleasure pain balancing exercise I have received a nice new self purchased treat:

A shiny new baking book. It is gorgeous. Rhubarb meringue pie is going to the top of my must bake list. As is grav lax for the royal wedding breakfast. So inspiring.

Court was especially tedious today. And I had the misfortune to discover I seem to have lost several pairs of suit trousers. Only in my world. I’m in a state of chaos. I need soothing. Tomorrow night i will seek refuge with red velvet cake I think and let it make it all ok.

Sorry for a short posting, Country house rescue was a late addition to tonight’s viewing schedule. Ruth Watson is always welcome but it’s long past my bedtime. Liz Earle says an hours sleep before midnight is worth two after. I’m buggered then tonight.

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