Marshmallow Fluff…. The Verdict

So a while back I was searching for Marshmallow Fluff for Whoopie Pie filling. Then I found it and never used it. I decided tonight, on a night off the gym, to make it happen. Plus I decided that my Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days had not had enough of an airing and there was a recipe in there that was calling me. A red velvet whoopie pie.

I started with the filling, as it needed chilling. It was a curious combination of cream cheese, icing sugar, butter and some weird vanilla marshmallow cream substance.

My verdict? Not unpleasant but weird! And too sweet. But blended into a filling it worked. Why would otherwise turn into a running mush that slid out of a pie stayed as a filling. Score!

I then ran up a batch of batter whilst it was in the fridge thickening. It’s a thick batter, far more flour than I would typically use in say a cupcake, but the key is light, not a rise, so it doesn’t rely of lightness of texture.

The ice cream scoop is key. It allowed me to make some uniform pies.

The result?

Really tasty in fact. Soft, sweet, and light. Great addition to the repertoire. I don’t really subscribe to the cupcake dominance being overtaken by a Whoopie Pie theory, but I can see that it so much more practical as a baked good. It far more portable for a start. Will continue to explore the full extent of the family of whoopie pie, and let you know how it works. My first job will be to buy a smaller scoop, as it was a success if a little big!

As for the day? Work, lunch, home. Dinner was good. Baked breaded smoked haddock, baked rosemary chips, salad. Simple yet bloody effective. And that was that. Some days stay with you forever. Some don’t. Today? Average Joe of a day! Here’s hoping Thursday is a bit more memorable!

-I don’t run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

3 thoughts on “Marshmallow Fluff…. The Verdict

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  1. I will deliver you a batch when I see you. I dont subscribe to the “on toast” use of a marshmallow cream” but it works. Next time, tho, smaller scoops are needed. They are bigger than Dolly's boobs. Meant to ask, are you seeing Dolly at the Sheffield Arena? If not, fancy it?


  2. ooh, i look forward to it 🙂 dolly at sheffield, nobody told me! will have to check dates but would love to. hope the taper is going well, god speed for the marathon and the peri-peri. jade goode was always my inspiration for running. (we'll be without tinternet for a few days now)


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