Sushi OD

These Groupon vouchers really are a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s amazing that we can find such savings. So a meal that would typically cost me £12 costs me £8. Well tonight, I took myself off with MC and Amy for Sushi followed by Jake Gyllenhall. More on Jake to follow. The deal was £16 for 10 plates. Me and MC got vouchers. Pete is away with work so I had no plus one, so I flew solo. I’d easily spend £20 on tea on myself anywhere else, especially on sushi, so myself and the girls split 20 plates of sushi. Jesus. How much rice. We have slowly expanded. Now I’m carb loading, but this was extreme. I feel like I’m a weeble. I am prone to a wobble but not a fall.

The experience would have been a classy one had I not almost snorted rice out my nose whilst laughing about some comment MC made about Busy Phillips moles. Random, but I started laughing whilst eating a deep fried avocado and eggy rice pocket thing. Believe me that’s the most descriptive overview I can give of this oddness. We all collapsed into fits of giggles. Spoilt the pretension the restaurant was going for in it’s ambiance. But balls to that!

So we went to see Source Code. Now the premise looks as if it could be a bit annoying. 8 minutes to find the bomber, 8 minutes to save her off of Eagle Eye and Made Of Honour. It sounds like an uninteresting unfunny version of the awesome Groundhog Day. But it was good. Firstly, I’m now wanting to rock the button down denim-esque shirt and tie combo. Liked it. Secondly, I liked the characters. Even Michelle Monaghan’s rather everywoman generic love interest did become likeable. Jake sometimes looks a bit like a cute young Jim Branning off Eastenders, but was looking hot in this movie. He has a tendency to overact occasionally, but that is easily overlooked.

Vera Farmiga is one of the most beautiful women. She is less 90s glamour than she was in Up in the Air (another awesome movie) and is able to really connect in this role. She is a conscience in a corporate world effectively. World so well. Source Code won’t become the new Mean Girls or Clueless in your film world, or your Julie and Julia, but I think it may slot in near Speed and Casino Royale, two boys films I don’t actually mind. Oh and Terminator 2 as well. Love that.

The most exciting thing about Source Code? It’s set in Chicago. And guess what features? A lot?


And everyone knows I loved me some bean! And will always love me some bean.

They even have a moment touching and looking up close and personal with bean.

Just like me!

I can’t believe Bean cheated on me!

Oh well, is kinda nice to have shared a moment with Jake. It’s like we have a place together. He is very cute. I was unsure with Donnie Darko (aka 2 hours I’ll never get back) but have grown, like Henry Higgins, accustomed to his face. Love him more with a beard. He gives good growth. Right, on that note, bedtime.

Sleep tight, world.

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