Quick quick slooooow

Oh world. Tonight was not half as productive as it should have been. I’m trying to focus my mind on my interview whilst slowly finding myself descending into a vapid state of uselessness. I have hopefully got my presentation done, it just needs some polish and flare.

I’m exhausted. Mentally my head is in a state similar to a new phenomenon I have been introduced to. A “micro sleep”, which is where you fall asleep for between 2 to 30 seconds, that’s how long my focus is remaining. Tomorrow I must get on top of this mother. That is to say I must become the competency king. I must be a beacon of flexible positivity. To be honest, this process is least worst option really. There is no nice way to get rid of someone. At least we all have a role in determining this process.

I watched some of the Pot Luck Party Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics episode today. Anna at Loaves and Fishes, that you charge $4 a meringue nest makes me think you should hang your head in shame. Do egg whites cost a bomb in the Hamptons or are you exploiting the rich and pretentious? Ah well, if it works for you who am I to judge?

Where does TR get his money from? A few campaigns for Polo Ralph Lauren can’t buy you multiple properties in the Hamptons, including a lakeside house, and a sports car and that brown wood panelled waggon he sometimes drives. And to be able to afford to buy a Le Creuset pan from the hardware store just because Ina suggested it. And to pay $12 for shop bought meringue. I think it must be family money. He is still a silver fox. I love a bit of TR.

Pete made tea, I just bought the goods. That’s why we are getting “married”. Team work. We are in sync. No dessert today. Oh well, thank god I had two breakfasts and a cream egg, otherwise I’d worry about my health.

Sorry it’s an unamusing post today, I’m too tired for wit. Wait till the weekend comes, it will be like Dorothy Parker and Oscar Wilde come and squat in my mind. I’ll be a sensation. I can almost see it now. A toast of society. You just wait.

Night blog world. Keep it fabulous.

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