And, relax….. A Barefoot Weekend, Sheffield-style

So where did I leave you? Somewhere between stressed and maniacal. Where do I find you? Between relaxed, forlorn and dreading the week ahead in true Sunday style.

I have spent the last couple of days in a state of recovery. Firstly with a body that has finally come out of shock post marathon, and also coming out of a couple of glasses of Rose wine too much, I had an early Saturday start. 6.30am I gathered myself out of bed with a cup of tea and my Kenwood Chef. I had bought myself a bag of some Seed and Grain Allinson’s flour ages ago, so I decided to try it out. Alas, my most successful loaf to date. Whilst I waited for the dough to rise, I took myself and a massive bag of ironing into the front room and took to domestic duty.

I watched Sabrina with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. It’s amazing how it has aged. Always dangerous to have computer technology in anything. The technology aged it, as did the fashion. Julia Ormond’s hair was a disaster. But it was a lovely ironing companion. Especially at 7.50am.

We went out to Castleton for the lunchtime. It’s an odd place. As a non-walker (not to say I crawl everywhere or have a mobility scooter like Madge in Benidorm), there is nothing it appears past Drake House, going through Hathersage and Hope to Castleton, in this area of the world for me. There were tea rooms, pubs and outdoor pursuits shops. And that’s it. Weirdly I could not see anywhere that they can get milk or a paper. It was a lovely pocket of England but a bit of an odd town.

Came back and tackled a Chile con Carne and also a summer fruits cheesecake. Now, the cheesecake used frozen berries, and was baked in a water bath. The tin I used was the right size, but we seemed to have more filling than I needed which meant these darling mini cheesecakes. Lovely.

The cake is from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book and used Waitrose frozen fruit. But oddly the strawberries have made it taste a bit like one of those cheap cheesecakes to me. I don’t know, it’s certainly not a disappointment, as cheesecake never is. But I think I maybe expected bells and whistles. It’s a very creamy texture, far more than your common or garden baked cheesecake. I reiterate, not at all unpleasant and very edible, just less special than I thought. I think I will return to lemon or cherry cheesecakes in the future, as I think something so sweet needs a tangy taste to cut through.

Chile was fabulous. Thomasina Miers needs to be sainted for that recipe. It also does double duty as tonight was Burrito Bar night. I love Burrito night.

Nothing finer than all that left over food creating a whole other meal. Just add a coriander and chilli Guacamole. Three more hours worth of ironing, some cleaning and A few hours of Ina Garten’s Back to Basics on Food Network, and we have had a great weekend. Bring on the Bank Holidays. It’s been nice to be stationary at home for a change. A nice sedate local run through Sheffield today, including an impromptu jog through town. I forgot the snooker was on at the Crucible so it was packed at Tudor Square. Foolish move to think I’ll have a nice jog through there. I ran surprisingly quick to say I have struggled with exercise discipline post Brighton. But go me.

London Marathon today. Watched the coverage. BBC are geniuses at putting the show together, a mix of elite coverage, inspirational stories, celebrity interviews and everyman runner interviews. It’s so inspirational, I have agreed to run with my friend Abbie, and have roped Anne in to join Team 2012. We will get more compadres for the cause. You’d be inclined to laugh at my retirement announcement last week. You forget the pain when you see 37,000 run and the fact so many are doing it in memory of others and remember their charities at the low point, that’s just brilliant. Churlish move. I wont be so inspired when I’m back on the dull treadmill of 18 mies every Sunday.

So I’m sorry for my leave of absence. Interview was…… Different. I can’t judge my performance. I always think my performance is sub standard. Sometimes it is. This time I was struggling to read the crowd. And I don’t know who I’m competing with really. I will let you all know of my fate as and when I’m hearing about it.

My next focus will be the Royal Wedding. This week I’m off to Tesco to get a side of salmon, which I will freeze so I can cure it, for Grav Lax for the “wedding breakfast”. Very exciting. Ina today taught me to make scrambled eggs. It was actually helpful, as she added herbs which I never have done. But I don’t know why she needed to scramble 10 eggs for her and Stephen, or buy 6 croissants. Was gluttony.

Right, that’s your lot, I’m starting to see 12 of my iPad, I need sleep. I will blog tomorrow, when Becky comes to stay. Very exciting to see her, as always.

Tomorrows menu demands a trip to the fishmonger. Always a pleasure. Stay barefoot folks.

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