And in the climax of the troublesome tale

The end of the story is a sad tale. I remain on the staff roster once again, and can get back to normal. It’s amazing, my work output increased considerably as soon as I knew I was ok.

I have been getting on with things since all this came out. I went to the gym after work. I managed to run for an hour which was a complete revelation, seeing as im still mentally scarred from the marathon. Plus the heat in the gym made it completely uncomfortable in the gym space, and I had to grab one of the crap treadmills facing a bear wall. Dullsville.

I came home and cooked a basic bolognese and and a wholemeal loaf for the morning. I’m pretty chuffed with my bread techniques. I’m doing pretty well.

My iPhone is playing up. Got to take it in for a repair I reckon. Irritating. Fingers crossed for better service from Apple than I had when my iPod buggered up.

Becky was as delightful as ever. Bought us Easter eggs which rather surprisingly I have not devoured. Personal growth, that’s called. So want it now I’ve remembered. Watching some crap called The Hunks. 10 “hunks” in Newquay. Dull. And the phrase hunk is much maligned.

Right, I’m a bit boring I think at the moment readers. Not much going on, bit of baking but nothing much exciting. I feel I’m not updating you on anything exciting. The whole job thing has quite shaken me to the core. It’s really destabilising. I have not known how much I can do, what I can spend, whether to book anything etc. I have felt really conscious about the future. I’m looking forward to focusing on now again.

Right, we have some Bank Holiday action to plan. I’m sensing some fab kitchen action! Any recipe suggestions on the back of a waitrose voucher folks!

– I don’t run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

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