The fishy goings-on of a Monday evening

Work yesterday continued to be a place of paranoia. The announcement is imminent. The tension is building. The output is minimal. I tell you, it will take a genius to boost morale post this experience.

Work came and went like the blink of eye. It was an unmemorable Tuesday. Becky came to stay so I did poshish fish and chips. Crumbed haddock and smoked cod with rosemary roasted wedges. We still had cheesecake. I tell you, that cheesecake surprised me today. Too much strawberry in one bite I think on Sunday. But Monday’s piece was creamier. Worth the effort I can finally say.

It was mucho chat whilst watching Blue prepping for eurovision on some show Pete taped Saturday, as well as Katie Price’s documentary. Always unlikeable that woman, she was in LA, an unlikeable place, doing unlikeable things. I was over it. Then Pete wheeled out a woman on Question Time who had put so much black crap on her eye lids she looked like Po in Kung Fu Panda. It was bizarre. Must try to get a screen capture of it, it was hilarious.

And here we are Tuesday morning. More court, more nonsense, another day. Bring on Friday. I sound like Rebecca Black. Kill me! No Ina yesterday. But the chips were Ina’s. And the fish Nigella’s. The Cheesecake was the Hummingbird Bakery. But my flair was all my own work. Go me!

Blog later, good morrow people!

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