So how have you been?

I got so good at posting for a while world, didn’t I?

Alas no more. I have become lame again. l have been having a post everything slump. Work wise, I’m still stressed. I think io have finally been able to exhale, take a few deep breaths, look around me and see my bulging post trays and ransacked desk and know there is much to do. I have therefore faced this four day weekend with some little piece of resentment as I really am aware I have much to do and such little time to do it. Time management will reign supreme upon my turn in the office next.

I made ace cupcakes for my colleagues Thursday. Who says you can’t buy people?!

So the bank holiday started Friday. Nothing much to report there. I went down to see my mum and dad for a day, which was basically Pete and I taking my mum and nan to Sainsburys and buying stuff for ourselves. I bought four small loose bottomed fluted tart tins. Fancy. Ready for some mini quiche action for the wedding me thinks. I also managed to find a copy of the concise Larousse Gastronomique which I have wanted for an absolute age! Good old TK Maxx. Between that and my £9 Havaiana flip flops, I was quids in.

Holly remains the cutest dog ever. Except for the fact her hair is so long she looks like a bichon frisse or a Rastafarian dog. She is so funny. She carries a small teddy bear around with her everywhere. So odd. Bless her.

We came back via Ikea on Saturday. I bought some cheap champagne flutes ready for Friday. Eek. Can’t believe the big day is nearly upon us! My planning has started in earnest. I bought the salmon for grav lax. Bought the dill. Bought the rye flour. I’m really getting into patriot mode. What will I do post Friday? My entire year so far is focused on these nuptials. I will sink a bit when they say I do. No longer will my domestic goddess aspirations have an event to be targeted towards. Well, apart from my own gay nuptials. But they are less impending. And I’m hoping one of my friends announces themselves a wannabe Antony from Sex and the City and will organise the lot. Dream on, kid.

So on Sunday Pete and I went on a nice run in the morning, and I made a red velvet cake and some bread rolls in the afternoon for a picnic with Harry and some other lads from Out of Office in Weston Park.

Was really nice. We obviously then got the beer buzz, and headed out. Firstly to watch a cabaret, where a drag dj played Turn It Into Love and made my weekend, and then for a racist drag queen to come on and do a lacklustre show where, in true Cheryl Cole style s/he sang “partially live” with a pre-recorded vocal kicking in occasionally on the backing tape. Funny. Dempseys called, and we observed a man in his Sainsburys uniform dancing in the style of that bit in “I am the Music Man” where you do the DamBusters. We also saw two shirtless guys grappling with each other in the cage in an awkward style which only lead me to believe that when in the boudoir that entire experience will only serve to be awkward and ultimately unsatisfactory for those two men. But we drank, danced and there was much merriment until 3am, which is when they put Vengaboys and Love Shack by B52’s on, which will always make me call time.

And to today. I did an early morning dash to Waitrose for groceries, made some cinnamon buns, went for a walk and an ice cream, made a lunchi of breaded haddock and potatoes, have made some tzatziki, and am now about to embark on peri-peri chicken. It’s all go. We have a new M and S Simply Food on Ecclesall Road. Gorgeous. No stock today mind, but it is a Bank Holiday Monday. Very much impressed. Is an Eco store. I have no Eco credentials, but I’m sure I will cling to that when I’m justifying to myself to walk past Aldi and seek out some not just cava and not just gold label chardonnay. Not that I ever need to convince myself. I’m convinced everyday.

I took the tzatziki recipe from Ina this morning. She was being healthy and stocking the fridge to stop her snacking on crap. Well, that was a 2005 episode. Miguel still had hair. And dark flowing locks at that. I have seen recent episodes. Ina obviously didn’t subscribe to a similar theory when she concocted her peanut butter frosting recipe. Which sounds awesome but is in no way healthy. I know Oscar Wilde said everything in moderation including moderation, but sometimes I wonder whether Ina needs external moderation. I know this is the first time I have raised this as an issue, but I am intervening on myself. I have to tone up for Mykonos for crying out loud, I will be in before the panel of gay judgement. I’m going for a solid 8 out of 10. I’m not going to get there with the butter diet I have been gorging on.

So no more everybody. The thrice weekly bake must stop. Bread intake? To be reduced. But after the wedding. Yes, that’s it, I’ll have this week off, and start next week. why do today what can wait till May? I don’t want to peak too soon….. (if I peak at all….)

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