And so it begins

The working week is, in the majority, done. Still a few bits to do but in essence I’m done. I’m kinda spent as well, with only a day in the office. It had an odd atmosphere in the office today, it’s a bit like those few days in between Christmas and New Year which I don’t mind working as its great for Internet gossip updating.

So tomorrow is going to be a bit of a whirlwind. I must clean and change bedding, and I must hide all the items of clothing that litter random surfaces now, in spite of my endless ironing last weekend. I also must start catering the party of the century. I want to plan the menu properly. Must start the grav lax tomorrow. I must therefore take the side of salmon out tonight. I have some disappointing news, Sky is failing on me. We have an engineer out this Sunday to fix it. Signal keeps failing. Bastard thing. It means that the master plan of a trip to York on Sunday is affected, as Pete or I need to be in to receive the sky man. Today a secretary asked me when a case can be listed next week as court were on the phone. She had to contact them at a later time as I had to prioritise Sky. She understood. She had empathy for the impact it has had on my recordings of Masterchef, as she had a similar issue with One Tree Hill. It is of utmost importance.

So I think I need to be sensible. Breakfast= cinnamon buns, bacon. Scrambled eggs, toast, salmon, hollandaise sauce, orange juice, tea, coffee and cava. Lunch- bruschetta, leftovers from antipasti, quiche, cake. Dinner? Not thought about it. But that’s enough for now. I won’t go into gluttony territory, I think I need to reign it in. It’s not like Christmas day, the shops will still be open. very excited about the wedding mind. Got some more decorations today. The house will be epic!

Right that’s that for today. Get ready for regular updates from wedding HQ! Eeek! Go Royals. I wonder what Anne will do with her hair?

Too much excitement!

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