Tonight we’re cooking with ‘erbs!

I’m finally starting to feel human again. The weekends excess is slowly seeping out of my system. Last night I even had a glass of wine. I’m so crazy! Look at me, I’m a rebel!

Pete has managed to encourage me to do the Sheffield Half Marathon on Sunday. The upshot of this is the calorie burning it will encourage. I have done 5 days of gym workouts this week so I’m due a bake, especially as the pecan pie and red velvet supply ended yesterday. I’m thinking something with peanut butter. Actually Ina does a chocolate and peanut butter cupcake recipe. I’m thinking that will do me nicely.

I have had a long 4 day week. Court everyday, difficult people everyday, followed by the gym everyday. So tiresome. I just need a bit of respite from it. So I think a leisurely Saturday, plenty of carbs, followed by a race Sunday with post race food intake will go down particularly well. Cooler weather forecast so thats a bonus.

In food news, all new Barefoot Contessa Back to basics this week, none of which I’d seen before. Yesterday was pasta episode followed by desserts. It turns out I have been making marinara sauce all these years without knowing what it was. I just called it a “tomatoey” sauce. Who knew. I also learnt that Ina Garten has an endless supply of basil, when I can’t ever get the stuff to grow for me.

My rosemary is doing well, I will repot it tomorrow. Smells gorgeous. I realised I need to keep it watered yesterday. Apparently once in a blue moon is ok for Pete’s Spider Plant, not a herb. Now there’s the thing.

Invented a curry rub come paste to apply to fish last night. Put it on haddock and had it with some salad and brown rice. Completely fabulous. Used tomato purée, lemon juice, Garam masala, ground coriander, all spice, cumin, crushed garlic and tamarind paste. I lovingly slathered that all over the fish with an onion and salt and baked for half an hour. Amazing. For a quick post gym tea it was staggering.

Right, lunch is calling. Would be rude not to answer.

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