I want it to be exactly nine inches….

That’s an Ina quote, but the double entendre made me giggle.

I had epic gym fail last night. Forgot to take any gym clothes. Had to swim. I’m the worlds most useless swimmer. Well, there are people there whose ability seems to be as bad as mine, including one of the most sculpted guys this side of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. That’s made me feel a tad better. So I swam for about 40 minutes, and then went into the sauna. It was full of rowdy playful teenagers, throwing cold water on each other, slapping each other, shouting. Now boys will be boys, but in the relaxing spa area, it’s a tad invasive. It’s a Friday night thing. It wouldn’t be tolerated on, say, a Tuesday, as it’s a bit more staff heavy. It tends to be so very quiet that I think things are overlooked. I’m increasingly contemplating going somewhere more upmarket mind, it’s just to allow me to have a better quality of fellow gym goer. What I lose in convenience I may gain in minimising the possibility of someone smashing the soap dispenser when it runs out, throwing my towel on the floor from the towel rail on the door and finding it hilarious, and spitting in the shower. Vileness!

Ina is this morning making a pavlova. I’m so scared of working with egg whites. In the words of Take That It only takes a minute, but the seconds either side either makes or breaks it. I must man up and have a go. It is spectacular to have a pure White base and oozing berries on top.

I’m off to collect my race number later, off some stranger. It’s so bizarre doing these things. Tomato kabobs are on this show again. How many times can Ina peddle tomatoes on stick as a recipe? At least 3 times to my memory!

Also need to pick up a bag of compost, note to self! This poor old rosemary needs some room to breathe!

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