I’m Ina Garten and tonight we’re cooking with carbs…

So today I have not just embraced carb loading, I have gone for carbohydrate overdose.

I started with a loaf this morning before tackling my day. My day has been quite shallow today- ordered Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook from Amazon, headed off to get the race number off a lad on Eccy Road, had a nose around the shops, I bought a bag of compost and got round to repotting my rosemary plant and basil plants, baked a foccacia and baked a courgette cake, sandwiched with my home-made lemon and lime curd. Nothing too strenuous for Saturday. It was fabulous.

Lunch was some left over pasta. Tea? You guessed it, pasta. Pasta with bolognase sauce and cannellini beans. and foccacia. It’s like a carb OD. Followed by cake. Lovely. Now I’m currently watching Get Him To The Greek. Which is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Russell Brand is actually hilarious. And P Diddy is just genius casting. He is nuts. My favourite moment is P Diddy singing that it was Biggest Loser time and was his favourite show. P Diddy is just like me.

Favourite thing of the day? That the below book, a mistake for the world of publishing, is now £1.99 at The Works.

Right, I must be off to prep for tomorrow and get some sleep. I’m not so bothered about tomorrow, I can do the distance, it’s not a question whether I can finish, I just have to get the distance done. It will be worth it to see Pete finish. It’s his first race and it will be a big achievement for him. Can’t wait to help him toast the occasion.

Right, will report back on everything tomorrow!

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