Now here’s a thing

Tonight was the first time ever that I have heard Ina refer to herself as “the barefoot contessa”. I have honestly never heard her call herself that. She is always Ina Garten. She after all inherited the name from the previous owners of her store in the Hamptons. They inherited the name from Ava Gardner or someone of that ilk. I don’t know why I feel the need to tell you this, but I have!

This evening I sacked off the gym. My thighs are a bit sore. So I decided to focus on having a nice dinner with Pete instead. I popped into Sainsburys and again fell upon some bargains. Again parmigiano reggiano for 99p. Prawns and mussels for 99p. So I decided on a seafood risotto.

Now i know it doesn’t look that nice, but it was fabulous.

My day was average. Ultimately it was spent in court, back at the office, on the phone and then banging my head. Very long day. I often feel like the whole week is impossible to tackle based on my experience of the first day. Let’s hope I get a second wind.

Diet wise, terrible day. Ate a Yorkie. Have eaten my body weight in risotto rice. Had loads of Foccacia. I’m terrible. No will power. I could never do a no carb diet. I enjoy them too much. But I do need to tackle my gluttony somewhat. Although if I can’t binge on cake at night, what’s the heck is the point? None that’s what.

I have a simple life to be honest, with simple pleasures. If my greatest passion comes from flour, butter, sugar and eggs, to be honest you can’t say I’m asking for much to indulge it can you? And god knows, I’ve been doing the leg work to perfect my art.

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