Late-ish night baking bliss

I am avoiding Alan Sugar. I have not upset him, like Piers Morgan has. It is just that I find The Apprentice quite stressful. The tension builds to a point I just struggle with. I don’t want to feel like the terrible weight of the world is now in my stomach. I just want the world to be serene. The most I can stand is the baking tests on the Great British Bake Off. Believe me, when that woman’s stained glass window biscuits failed I was in pieces. Reality TV is a struggle for me.

So in my avoidance I have set about baking a loaf and a Victoria Sponge a la the recipe currently featured on The Boy Who Bakes. I’m not going to reproduce recipes here unless they are my own. I tend to want to support the art of publishing and other bloggers and will always link over to them. I can publish my variation, I have added half a tsp of vanilla extract.

I decided on it as I found a bottle of squeezy grape jam which so needs using so thought the work palls may enjoy a sponge on a Wednesday. And why not, as Barry Norman used to say.

Long old day again. I was so irritable this morning. I sometimes find I am quite mardy when I am in court. It gets so warm and im imprisoned in a suit, with no air and no access to drinkable coffee or tea of a quality I would care to indulge in. It’s just sometimes a bit oppressive. So I get a bit mardy. That’s surely understandable?

Pete Pasta for dinner. Lovely. Pete is so lovely, I love him lots. He was tired post gym, bless him. I’m even more tired post gym. He walked into the kitchen to talk to me and scared the crap out of me. I shouted. He looked a bit shocked before he laughed at me for being ridiculous!

Right, it’s getting on and I’m shattered. Everyone have a great Wednesday. Blog later
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