In time honoured tradition

So it’s Friday the 13th and I was hoping for a quiet day in the office. Just one day where things that needed to be done some time ago could get done. Documents drafted, letters written, applications done. Stuff that’s burning a hole in my brain at 11pm at night, get it off my desk.

Alas I’m sat at the magistrates court waiting for a social worker and a solicitor for an emergency contest. On a Friday afternoon. It’s amazing, today was my early finish, my trot on home, radio 2, glass of wine, bake some Andrea Barber birthday cupcakes and have an easy Friday night dinner of cod chips and pea and avocado goo. But my reality may be 7pm finish, panic as the Andrea Barber cakes stuff is under my desk, bottle of wine and quick pizza as I’m ready to eat my upper torso.

I’m furious at myself. I was mid bite through a snack a jack and nearly didn’t answer the phone. I should have let it ring and I’d be complying with a court direction some two weeks late like I had planned.

I’m so annoyed. Will keep this post updated. Bye for now.

Update- got out very quickly! Result! Have just got home after a mammoth trek around Sainsburys Local with a basket, filled with most things necessary for the Barber birthday cakes but I’ll need more icing sugar tomorrow. And I bought far too much basil oil. Not necessary but my ingredient du jour.

Right less sitting around drinking Earl Grey, watching Made in Chelsea and posting on here. This Made in Chelsea programme is really cringeworthy. This poor girl emptying her heart to this guy who is obviously a homosexual only for him to keep saying “that’s very sweet of you” was soul destroying.

Anyway, must start the baking mission. Will report back from the baking battlefield!

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