Avoiding temptation at every angle

Post gym, and post dinner. I’m currently watching Holby City whilst trying to stop listing my favourite sweet foods. I have started with brownies, moved on to cheesecake, went on to victoria sandwich, coffee and walnut cake, lemon drizzle cake, Eton mess, Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt…. The list goes on.

I’m currently trying to avoid eating anything like that. After 3 nights of eating the most calorific pavlova, I was minded that the date of my holiday was now some 7 weeks away, and if I was ever to look beach ready, then I need remove any dessert with almost an inch of whipped double cream on top from my daily menu. It’s a very difficult thing to contemplate. A life with minimal desserts, with a reduced carb intake, with calorie counting taking precedence over everything else. I’m not sure where I stand on this, I’m not sure whether this is going to serve me well or do me a disservice. I want some enjoyment out of life.

On a positive note, I have booked a little holiday to London for Pete and I this weekend. Friday through Sunday, in the Nation’s capital. No idea what we are going to get up to. Actually scrap that of course I do. Saturday is all about Borough Market, Monmouth coffee company and a paper, followed by perhaps a show and hopefully dinner at one of Gwyneth’s Goop recommendations! I think it unlikely that I’ll get us a table but I can but try dear hearts, I can but try.

Truth be told, I’m battling some blues at the moment. I’m in the thick of some colossally busy periods work wise, and it’s getting on top of me. At a time I would love to just be able to get on and enjoy my life, my life is awash with paperwork, e mail after e mail chasing documents and new files being strewn across my desk demanding my attention. It almost feels cliched to say I barely have time to think, but that’s how I feel. I have had so much competing stress recently, that I think I’m almost at a stress saturation point. I need to try to decompress a bit and relax. I need to get back to business a bit.

I have therefore booked me a pick me up! Food, shopping, culture, night out in Soho! Who can feel down with that on the horizon? I’m also watching Supersize v Superskinny. Hmm. This programme is horrendous, and it makes my complaint about a bit of cake feel small. Although my perspective always disappears once I have slept on it.

Right, theres only one thing for it. I’m off to find the chocolate buttons I have hidden!

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