Let’s whoop for Goop

As I may have mentioned, alongside Ina and Nigella, my new obsession in all matters domestic is Gwyneth Paltrow. Yes, Pepper Potts from Iron Man (which she rocked in, btw), old bandaged boobs from Shakespeare in Love, her in the fat suit in Shallow Hal.

I hope you are all regular visitors to Goop. It’s a great source of slightly pretentious lifestyle information. For the urbanite traveller, it has city guides which are really up my street. Shops with style, fab food markets, restaurant tips and hotel recommendations, the kind of tips I love to get. Im heartened to discover Anne has become borderline obsessed with Goop too. One minute you are perusing an interview with Mario Batali, the next I’m discovering the beat places to stay in Singapore. It’s just fantastic.

so this weekend’s London trip has great promise with a Friday night trip to a Goop recommended restaurant followed by the Wizard of Oz. Saturday will be Borough Market, possibly followed by a trip to a Goop recommended Pizza place, then for dinner a Goop recommended Mexican in Notting Hill.

I think in my heart of hearts I hope this will make me become Gwyneth. All of a sudden I will have legs that go on for days, a tiny waist, glowing taught skin, two children called Apple and Moses and a house in Holland Park. I also hope it means that I can recommend outfits to people that even an ignorant male reader can tot up to being at least £10 000 worth of style in one ensemble. Who knows.

I’m completely done with exercise you know. We are in danger of becoming estranged. My legs ache, my back aches, my arms ache. If it’s good for me, why am I good for nothing as a result? Huh?!

Gwyneth would embrace it wouldn’t she. Tracy Anderson would give her a pep talk. All I had is Mo, one of the guys in the gym, who always says “is that all you are doing?”. I have typically ran 7 miles and done 200 sit ups at that point but he sees it as failure.

But Ina has embraced her rotund nature and she seems happy. I’m not sure Pete is ready to just go for me putting on my pounds just yet. He isn’t ready to become the Jeffrey to my Barefoot Count. I would love to recreate our first meal tho. I had a pumpkin ravioli in a sage butter. It was gorgeous! Can’t remember what Pete had, nor can he. Is that a bad sign? Or not? I’m not really superstitious like that to be honest.

Pete did pasta. Fabulous. Although when you have basic ingredients of chorizo, tomatoes, rosemary and great red wine, what would go wrong? Exactly.

We are both now sat watching Two Greedy Italians eating a packet of chocolate buttons. Classy! Tomorrow night I’m out for drinks followed by a mad ironing race I would imagine. It will all be worth it when I’m indulging in great food, good wine and heading off to see Michael Crawford as the Wizard!

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