Fruit = Not cake

Alas I’m on a pre Mykonos fat flush. If you call mid morning dry toast with a tomato dip and half a dozen after eight mints a diet.

I’m trying to be good. Limit carbs, limit saturated fat, and my biggest regret was agreeing a fat flush that involved limiting the amount I baked. No more cake. No more bread. No more anything fun.

So tonight I did an hours cardio, 100 crunches and rushed home for a lovely baked fish and baked potato dinner. It was gorgeous and I’m happy, as Pete made it for me. And following this we had strawberries and fat free yogurt. As the title suggests, I am less than enthusiastic about this plan. About this diet. About my life. I have to get through over a month of this, low carb, low sugar, low mood, low tolerance.

Today I rather ridiculously bought a sugar thermometer and large round piping nozzle in anticipation of making Italian meringue. I’m now reminded that I can’t, due to the baking ban of spring/summer 2011.

I am most depressed. Bring on the Autumn. I miss cake.

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