Flirting with a redesign….

Today has been productive but quiet in the office. I have flitted between high productivity and momentary day dreaming. Typically, I’m either already on Mykonos, or the purveyor of a bakery of such fabulousness that customers applaud whenever I walk through the store.

It’s amazing that I’m so much like my mum now. I picture welsh dressers. I also picture mismatched standard lamps, a print of that woman with the green face, my nan’s framed picture of a woman playing a Spanish guitar who looks like Princess Margaret and an old medicine cabinet, in which herbs and spices are stored, as well ad the labels we would use to seal boxes etc, to indicate the science behind the bakery. It would be a somehow coherent madness in there. Dare to dream kid.

I thought about a redesign of the site, but alas I’m so rubbish at such things it’s still a thought in my head. I tried an idea of a photo to go in the corner besides the title. Alas I can’t even manage that. I’ll keep trying!

As a preview, it would look a little something like this:

Today visited TK Maxx. This little Kitchenaid beauty is coming home with me!

Good old TK!

If I truly follow my Mum, I’ll be sneaking these things home in the end. Pete will flip!

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