It has a real anis flavour…

It’s amazing in this day and age where I get my kicks. Yes everyone, I’m officially middle aged. I was thrilled tonight to cook for the first time with fresh tarragon. It was literally the highlight of my day. Like a true, real peak to the events of the 1st June. More of a thrill than the game of cat and mouse I have played when I realised I didn’t out the new parking permit on the car, and any minute I could have gotten a ticket. More thrilling than going out at dinner and actually getting a refund in T K Maxx for the springform cake pan I got home only to find it was exactly the same as another one I must have bought on a similar whim another time. More exciting than the salad I bought at dinner from Feast which I loved. Even more exciting than seeing my favourite electric guitar playing woman who sings worship music on her Madonna-esque mic and always calls out to me and calls me “darling”.

And very little in this world thrills me more than that good Christian woman. Especially her version of give me oil in my lamp keep it burning. She is always so happy. I don’t have a religion in my life, but I often wonder would that keep a song in my heart and make me as happy as that woman. She is really jolly all the time. And how wonderful to have a message that makes you so joyous that you feel the need to broadcast yourself like Ms Ciccone on the Blonde Ambition tour. I mean, I feel quite passionate the the flavour of a cake is never as good if made with, say, stork than if you use actual butter. It’s just never as rich or decadent. I also feel that pastry made with half butter and half Trex is better than all butter, as it’s a bit lighter. But if these are my gospel, this is how I will share them. I’m not sure the Steel city needs me on a wireless mic outside John Lewis shouting these messages.

Long old day today. But good news kids, no cake. A small bar of dark chocolate devoured, 25g worth. But no cake. And I watched Perfect…. Cakes on Good Food. Which is torture. It’s like watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the day you find out you are diabetic, or changing your ringtone to Kelis’s Milkshake and finding out you are lactose intolerant. That milkshake wouldn’t bring boys to the yard, but could lead to some toiling issues.

It was a great show tonight. Catherine Fulvio is a new name to me, my mother started watching her Italian Kitchen show around the same time I was in the throws of my Ina Garten obsession, watching some 4 hours a night. She is, to my mind, a less school-marm Rachel Allen. Homely and quite proper in many ways, but she was a bit more natural before the camera, and she was very at ease in her interaction with Michael Caines. I always felt Rachel struggles to gain a real rapport with people on her TV shows, being better on her own in one of the umpteen kitchen sets she has presented from. But Catherine managed to be quite good at falsifying that interest in what other people were doing.

Perfect…. Is a series where a variety of chefs compete at cooking dishes from a theme, before they are judged. Edd Kimber was one. Two women from an East London WI branch were the others. It would have been nicer if they had got Ruth and Miranda or Peggy Porschen or Mary Berry or someone to judge. Sometimes the panel can be zingy, and I thought it would be quite fun with a WI member perhaps being a bit of a stickler and Edd being young and liking something a bit more original. But it didn’t happen. The sparks didn’t fly.

So back to my Tarragon. I got back and today was our pasta day. As it’s 5 weeks to Mykonos, it’s all hands off cake and all efforts into the gym time. So it’s pasta less frequently. So I got home and opened the fridge door to be faced with my own mystery bag challenge, a la vintage Ready Steady Cook. Is it weird that I used to root for red tomatoes as I hate a green pepper? I like red orange or yellow just not green. I digress. It was some chicken thigh fillets, cooking chorizo, mushrooms, onion, dijon mustard, double cream and tarragon. Perfect. So I fried an onion and 6 mini links of cooking chorizo, added 3 cloves of garlic when the onion had softened In the smoky paprika oil from the chorizo, and added one 300g pack of chicken thigh fillets. I fried these till they were coloured and added some mushrooms, and a large hand full of torn and chopped fresh tarragon.I immediately added about 2/3 cup of double cream and a teaspoon of dijon mustard. In an attempt to be sparing with the double cream, I kept it conservative. I seasoned liberally and served with tortiglioni pasta. This was enough for 3-4 people, with ample leftovers from two greedy 30 somethings like us. I really love a creamy pasta sauce, and the hint of heat from chorizo and the mild aniseed flavour of tarragon worked so well. Definitely recommend it people. I should have photographed it. I never expected to be blogging a recipe whilst sat upstairs, due to Pete commandeering the living room for The Apprentice.

Well, it’s bed time for me. Gym in the morning, Body Pump. At least Thursday night is then free for more pleasurable endeavours. Usually telly and sitting down, just for a longer period. I’m a simple soul mind, so won’t pretend to complain! Have I forgot to fill you in on anything? Don’t think so. That is about it. Anyway, welcome to June posting. Another month now appears in the archive time line. I’ve been at this for a while now, and appear to be big in Russia at present. Hello dearest Russian readers. I hope I’m not too tedious for you! I’m sure you were looking for something far more interesting or Ina Garten relevant. But I love her, and Jeffrey. And TR and Michael. And Miguel. And Anna with her glasses. I just don’t like that student in New York who buys flowers and a bottle of good Burgundy for post exam dinner. Come on, you’re a student. Buy a bottle of bourbon from Aldi and diet coke and get messy with your friends, because before you know it you will find yourself aged 31 and blogging about Tarragon, wondering where the excitement of life will end……

And on that note, I’m off to bed to allow for more exercise. Coming soon, I go absolutely mental with dill. Don’t wait up!

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  1. the other evening we went to bed and watched gardeners world….i'll leave you to work out how early that was!!! i don't even particularly like gardening, it's just a very relaxing programme, i am 32 you see!


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