Big in Russia

Does anyone know why I am currently massive in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia?

Seriously, 30 odd hits a day. Whilst I seem to be isolating my American readers. Im isolating anyone Ina related recently, have barely had time to watch with my Mykonos body obsession.

I need to address a few points:

1) To the site visitor who got to my site through a google search recently- the answer to your search engine question is yes, you should shave your chest for Mykonos.

2) Ina Garten reached a new level of lazy, recipe wise. Some woman asked on the Ask Ina feature for a recipe for Marinara sauce. Ina came to the rescue. Fry one spanish onion in olive oil, add 2 minced cloves of garlic. Add a teaspoon of dried oregano. Then add a jar of marinara sauce. Yes. That was the recipe. The answer to “how do I make marinara sauce?” was “buy it and warm it through”.

3) Went to see the play “The Pride” at the Sheffield Crucible last night. It was awesome. Saw Richard Wilson there as well, which was brilliant. I do love a celeb spot. The cast were superb. Anyone local, make sure you go, it plays through to the 16th July. Its about three people, Oliver, Phillip and Sylvia, and looks at their lives and loves in two time periods, 1958 and 2008. Now you dont have none of that TV movie ageing make up nonsense, but its a depiction of the relationships of three people in the fifties and modern day, in light of homophobia and repression of old, and freedoms and acceptance of modern day. Parallel lives, rather than a “fifty years later” type affair. Its brilliant stuff.

Anyhoo, just a quickie. Blog later, folks.

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