Quick update from the advocates lounge and the rest of the weekend

It feels a bit odd blogging during the working day. But as I sit awaiting my client and other parties to arrive at court my choice is an issue of Closer from last August which seems to be very Dannii Minogue focused or staring at a magnolia wall or talking nonsense at people I barely know. So I thought of you dear readers.

It’s quite an exciting team chez Adam and Pete. If the weather holds I will be engaging in some al fresco ironing. I need to iron nonetheless. It’s just over a week to go till I hit the beaches of Mykonos. I’m excited. It’s been payday as well so I can sort out money etc. I love the end planning, it’s so exciting, it feels real. And I need to get off, I’m getting to the point of saturation. This weeks Goop talks about stress management. Just reading the words stress management stresses me out. I don’t know how to tackle the demon stress. Other than getting hideously drunk in response, so that I make a right fool of myself and giving myself something else to cringe about.

Update beyond the lounge:

Work was long and fairly tortured. The Weekend beckoned. Sourdough on my baking stone, BBQ in the park, and holiday preparation.

The BBQ was fun. Food, sunshine, playing football barefoot in the grass with Pete’s friend’s 4 year old daughter. We had such a relaxing day. We needed to get organised for holiday, so it’s been a team laundry effort. Washing my new clothes as well, although usually love snapping labels off before a night on the town abroad. But it’s hygiene taking precedence. I’m so over 30!!!!

I can tell you, sourdough is not as scary as I originally thought. My starter dough is months old now, but this climate weather has helped matters. It’s currently in my kitchen bubbling away.

The bubbles are the reaction from the natural yeast in the air with a loose mixture of flour and water. And it serves as a yeast, when added to flour and water as a sponge, in the two stage process. Effectively, you create part of the dough and leave it in a warm place to ferment more overnight.

The next day, you create your dough. I needed it by hand for 10 minutes, to make a springy dough. After an hour, I further kneaded the dough, flattening and reshaping the dough. I repeated this on the hour three times more. Shucks, I wasn’t going anywhere. After this, I left it to rise.

Now, I’m a man who usually bakes bread with a sachet of easy bake yeast. So a 16 hour bread making process is a surprise to my system after I usually get from mixer to table in 2 hours. But I tell you, sourdough once risen is so exciting.

Onto my baking stone and into the oven for 10 minutes on maximum temperature, before I reduced the temperature to gas mark 3 for 35 minutes.

Et voila!

And today? Well, body pump, washing, baking and Wimbledon men’s final. Well done Djokovic, valiant effort. Quite exciting finals this year. Much less dull than the previous years.

I attempted Macarons today for the first time ever. I’m unsure how I did. They look and taste good but they don’t look like the book or the magazine photos of macarons.

Pre bake:

Post bake:

Do they look right to you?!

Five more working days. Final fat flush ready to expose maximum flesh, in as toned a state as I can muster. It’s all very exciting/exhausting. I need a tonic, and fun on the mykonian shores will be just that.

Plus I got my birthday gift early. A new camera! Get ready for a photo journal of Mykonos! You will track our every move, and meal. Hope you like photos of me sneaking bread ham and cheese from the continental breakfast and making sandwiches under the table. There will be plenty of them.

Right, off to watch The Kennedys. Or as my wittering commentary to Pete goes, that show where I think “whoever cast Katie Holmes as Jackie O should be shot”. Thats all Pete hears everytime we watch it. That and “are Barry Pepper’s teeth really like that?” I still don’t know. I should really google that.

Blog later folks.

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