Mykonos update-take 2

If this appears somewhat brief, don’t hate me, I have already typed this once and BlogPress decided to launch it Lords knows where. In my dreams, it appears on some Christian blog somewhere, where my tale of binge drinking and dancing with homosexuals will really start a new conversation thread.

5 days in, 5 left to go. All good in the hood. Today was lazy as we were particularly delicate after sunset vodka by the windmills. Tomorrow will be better for our night of convalescing in the hotel after dinner at a Thai place.

Mykonos has fabulous pasta selections. I will stock up for our return I think. I had Pastitsio, which like the experience at Bocca Di Lupo with panzanella, I knew all about thanks to Ina. I’m so making it. Also discovered that flat bread and dips is all you ever need for a starter. It’s delicious. And had an amazing red snapper the other day.

Marc sang at the piano bar. Was fabulous. Kelly Howe is amazing. She has an incredible voice. Babe is back tomorrow. Whoop.

You will get a full update later on, including many photos of me with my iPod sock in my hand as I use it as a camera case. And photos of me, Pete, Marc and Alan in an array of tiny Aussiebum trunks. God we are Gay!

Remind me to tell you about the dance off for the pensioner. A particularly special memory!

Right, to bed early tonight. Blog later folks.

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