Few amusing keyword searches for Friday Morning

So I thought I would share a few keyword searches as they appear in my stats from Blogger. Simply because they amuse me.

“Why is Marshmallow Fluff so good?”

The answer, reader, is that it isn’t in my humble opinion. It’s too sweet and weird.

“a non walker not to say I crawl”

What the hell kind of keyword search is that? I doubt I shed any light on that odd thing

“Ina Peddle”

Obviously a search for a friend. But they got me talking about Tomato Kabobs. Merry Christmas, long list friend of Ina Peddle! Welcome to my blog! And welcome Ina Peddle, if actually you were googling yourself.

“Apron man”

Yes, you have discovered me. Adam is my day time persona. I am actually apron man. Crime fighter, baker, dinner-maker, washing-up guru, saviour of those in need of sweet or savoury salvation, bringer of carbs, with a container of calories. I Am Apron Man. Thanks for searching.

“Where does Ina Garten Live?”

This is either a dumb person or a scary person who wants to turn up at her door for a speculative lunch invitation.

You either have never heard the million references to living in East Hampton, or you are a scary person who wants a tour of the barn. Listen more, the noise of the electric juicer or Kitchenaid are not so loud you can miss the Hampton references.

I watched my favourite episodes over the last couple of days. company pot roast and magic ingredient episodes.

This is my public apology. I really have grown quite fond of Dwyer now. I think it was a rebellion for a time as she wasn’t TR. I was jealous that Ina had a new friend. And he was a she. And she wasn’t my favourite silver fox. I’m a horrible person, I’m truly sorry Dwyer. One of your relatives or friends does say “yummy” in an odd way during the pot roast recipe episode, but you have no control over that. I’m a humble blogger right now.

Right, off to work with me.

I’m all by myself tonight, like Harry Nielsen or Celine Dion. I will no doubt blog some witticisms then.

Blog later folks. X

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